Thursday, September 21, 2017

SE and gymrama

Update because after this I cannot sit in the class any more.  The school, where gymrama classes are held, has tightened security to disallow parents from being in the compound. 

While I didn't pay full attention to classes previously, I did look up once in a while.  Especially when the small one decides to play the fool, which is pretty often.  These kids in the lowest level are let off most frequently for short water breaks.  And SE would sometimes fool around instead of running back to join the class.

Me: Su Ern everyone is back already.  Faster go back to the class.

Clowning around

Me: Su Ern!  Teacher is calling!

Bleh bleh bleh


Can see that her tongue is still out!

And sometimes she would just REFUSE to rejoin the class.

Me:  Su Ern!  Why are you still here?  Class started already!

Still sitting out

And fooling around

She often does NOT follow the class.  She looks around, outside or at somebody, just stands or sits there, fiddles with her leotard or hair, etc.

I tried asking JE to make sure the little sis is following instructions, but JE says she's not supposed to be looking at the back row (where SE is).  I'd rather JE learn as much as she can rather than be distracted with the naughty one haha.  Will just see how this goes.


  1. so if parents are not allowed, you won't be there to ask SE to rejoin her class, will the teacher ensure that she rejoins her class?

    1. No she won't, as the majority in this class are Primary 1 students. So the teacher won't be as accommodating. In fact, the more advanced classes get shouted at often heh.

  2. Sometimes when the parents are not around, the little ones will usually follow what the teacher and the class are doing obediently.

    1. True. In SE's case, she's actually too young for this class and thus can't quite follow.

  3. hehe at least she looks like she's having fun :)) good la.. at least now you'll have more time to do your own things while the girls have their class.. more me-time!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Unfortunately, the school is too far away from my house for me to go home. So I have to hang around somewhere... so far I have dragged my heels round Jaya Grocer only haha.

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah. Unless sneak in and don't come out until class is over hehe.