Monday, September 25, 2017

SE's first concert

The kids have watched recordings of JE's kindy concerts multiple times, as well as those of their cousins.  But SE said quite a few times that she didn't want to do any concert.  Later on, she mentioned she doesn't want to do concert wearing eyeglasses because nobody else wears them and she doesn't think she looks good in them.

What to do, just go along with whatever she says.  I definitely wanted her to be in the concert!

Found out the concert date clashed with hubby's Korea trip.... aiks so I'd have to locate the venue, and also parking (with my lousy parking skills) all by myself?  I was not looking forward to the job.

On the day... SE in her costume.  Good thing it's a nice dress.

Do I look pretty?

I did find an empty space to squeeze the car in after 2 rounds... I was so happy hehe.  I brought along a book to read not knowing the venue would be theatre-style with dimmed lights!  JE was fine with Mr iPad.

Hmm concert? What concert...

SE is in a different kindy from JE.  While it's a good one, it has way more students.  My gripe is having to wait so long for SE's turn, and then I could hardly make out which kid she was.  Sigh.  Sure hope the official video recording of the event will be decent.

But from the few seconds I could locate her on stage, she danced very well!  I couldn't believe it was her at first haha.

SE is somewhere on stage

Yayy for my baby girl!

So fun!

Best thing was, she said it was SO FUN!

All happy


  1. She looks so sweet and pretty in the 1st photo!

  2. good that you managed to persuade her to join the concert for an experience. a nice bonus when she found that she enjoyed the experience.

    1. I didn't really bother to persuade. It was the same with JE last time. Just fetch them for it haha.

  3. yay!! she does look so happy and glad she enjoyed herself despite her initial reservations.. how's Uber in your area? If I was in your shoes I'd probably have cabbed there instead of worry about parking hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Hmm I didn't think of Uber. Should have been a good option actually. I don't have an account and it's just not on my radar.

  4. she look so pretty la. Errr...if no kiasu parents blocking the video then should be ok la