Monday, October 23, 2017

Ah Mah's Birthday 2017

Celebration time again!  This time we were at Di Wei in Empire Subang to celebrate my mother's birthday.  Food was quite good and we ordered various dimsum as well.  Some of the dishes...

Roast platter, tofu, prawns, brinjal

This time SE got extra attention to make sure she doesn't get left out again.

Happy birthday to Ah Mah!

Yes, everything went well!

Take out candle time

With everyone

Happy birthday to my dearest mother and may there be many, many more celebrations to come!

And one more picture of the kids. 


  1. A wonderful birthday celebration with the whole family! So blessed!

  2. I guess Di Wei is one of your favourite restaurants and the food looks good. Happy Belated Birthday to your mother! SE must be happy to be doted on here. very good!