Thursday, October 12, 2017

The girls

A quick snapshot of the girls.

JE at 7yo
- is settling down in a Chinese school fine.  There were initial hiccups when she cried upon not understanding what people were saying.  Luckily her class teacher is a good and patient one (thank god for people like this!).  JE is even participating in things like group storytelling.  She didn't win, but she said the teacher gave her an extra prize for participating since she doesn't speak Mandarin at home.
- is over the bump probably started due to her chicken pox.  She missed school for a week then, and shortly after went and lost a whole pile of books.  She couldn't seem to keep up with school and would cry daily when faced with homework.  Her books were eventually found in some cupboards and after quite a few weeks, now she's back on track.
- likes gymrama

SE at 5yo
- is also fine at kindy as in she happily attends.  She doesn't have the hang of reading yet.  She is stubborn and playful and thus difficult to teach.
- is now doing big business only once daily instead of her usual 4-5 times since birth.  I'm so glad this 'corrected' itself!
- doesn't like gymrama

The two aren't too far apart in age and I try to shortcut by sending them for activities together.  Sending SE for gymrama too early is one result.  JE wants to learn swimming, but I'm thinking might as well wait a bit for SE and then I'll send them together.  Hehe.





  1. Ha ha...your girls are so cute and they are so sweet too. Enjoy them before they grow up into young ladies!

  2. I believe at 5 years old SE is able to learn swimming too as long as the coach specialises in teaching young children swimming. snapshots like this is good for looking back and reminiscing.

    1. I think it's partly me wanting to let them splash around in the baby pool longer hehe.

  3. they look so cute in matching outfits :) Chinese for us is a killer too.. can't imagine sending Lil Pumpkin to a Chinese school! haha

    1. Oo thought Chinese is a big part of SG education... it's only as its own subject?