Sunday, October 8, 2017

No specs... for a while

You might have noticed SE wasn't wearing her specs in my previous posts.  Well the nose-piece broke and it took a while to get the replacement.  Oddly, SE seemed to function fine without the specs.  Odd since her power at 400/450 is very high.

It was about a month before the replacement part arrived.  She didn't immediately start wearing the specs either.  I was of course hoping that her eyesight had really improved.

But she was complaining of headaches.  Also I took her to the optical shop and they said the power is still the same.

Oh well.  At least could look at this cutie-pie face without specs for a while.

Hello, Mummy!


  1. Is the headache because she was not wearing the specs? Yes, she looks cute with her specs. Lol!

    1. Well I hope it's due to the specs rather than anything else.

  2. When she is older can she wear contact lenses or go for lasik?