Thursday, October 19, 2017

Genting again

I was on the verge of booking a trip in Camerons when hubby informed that he'd already booked Genting for the same dates.  Luckily I hadn't paid for MY booking hmmpf.

Anyway, it was Genting that the kids had kept asking for.

Are we there yet?

One thing I like about Genting is that everything is walking distance once you arrive.  We ate well, the kids played in the bathtub every day, and the cool air felt great since it was scorching hot down in KL! 

Dimsum for breakfast... this piggy bun with charsiew filling is nicer than Canton-i's piggy bun.

Say 'Oink', my piggy bun

JE looks rather grown up in her outfit.

Tub again!  The first room we stayed, the girls role-played, laughed and talked non-stop in the tub.  The second and bigger/better room, there was a TV in the bathroom so guess what they preferred to do...

Watching TV is the best!
(At least SE is playing)

SE had diarrhea the second last day and vomited the morning of last day.  She didn't eat much for breakfast (it was a buffet breakfast but what to do!) and made a sad face on the plate...

This is poor me

All too soon, it was time to go home.  Until the next time.


  1. Wah, that is the way to enjoy life - soak in the bathtub and watch TV. Did mommy do the same too? Hope SE is all well after getting home.

    1. Nah I'd get all prune-y sitting in the water like that. I was happily enjoying my 'me' time while they were in the tub anyway.

  2. The girls really know how to enjoy life! Hope SE is well by now. It is not fun being sick during a holiday trip.

    1. Luckily SE was generally ok except when in the toilet. All fine now, thanks.