Sunday, March 25, 2018

Great British Circus

Delayed post coz I was on leave.  And while I do surf the net, I don't take out my laptop and thus don't blog or look at blogs.

The evening of the sports day, we headed for the "Great British Circus".  It was small scale and in the parking lot of Aeon so I definitely set my expectations low.  Circuses aren't easy to come by these days anyway.  We were lucky to catch the buy1free1 promo - got VIP seats at half of the RM100 adults, RM70 kids price.

First up, a visit to the portable toilets.  Think the kids rather enjoyed this, as they enjoy new experiences!

Boys on the left, girls on the right

Front row seats!  That's all of us.

Ready for the circus!

The performers weren't young, some were rather fat, they all multi-tasked performing various acts/painting faces/selling popcorn etc at half time.  But some acts WERE good and most were all right.  Best thing, the kids loved it!

Big round of applause

And kept asking to go again.  No no, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin am I going to sit through another show even if it's free hehe.

We love the circus!


  1. Kids love going to circus! So many, many years since the last circus show!

    1. Yeah... my last one was when I was a kid.

  2. wah it is that bad for you? ask your husband to bring the children again since they love it so much.

    1. A bit draggy for some acts. And it was rather hot in the tent. Sitting through a second time would be worse!

      My hubby has even less patience than me hehe.