Sunday, March 11, 2018

RDJ - Part 2

Let's finish this off.  :)  Continuing the walkabout, next point of interest was the Cathedral.  This didn't come up during my brief online research (luckily other people did a better job) and I was wondering about this pyramid-like structure when we got there.  Weather was hot and the cooling interior was so welcome that we spent quite some time hanging around inside.



Next up, Copacabana beach!  I was impressed even coming from a land with nice beaches.  This beach was extremely long and extremely wide. The sand was fine and white.  It was like taking a very good Malaysian beach and multiplying it many times for the size.  Then there was a broad curving pavement all the way along beach, and many stalls lining the way.   Or you could just sit on the beach and vendors will come with drinks, souvenirs etc.  Many stalls had live music (my teammates had a meal at one and they all had a BRL5 charge added to each one's receipt!).  Brazilians know how to enjoy life!

Sand stretches far, far from the sea to the other end

Clean water, waves a bit high but ok

The iconic black-white curving pavement

Corn stall
(reminded me of hubby who would buy corn everywhere!)

These are alcoholic drinks called caipirinhas

I had to skip Ipanema beach for my 5pm appointment at  Christ the Redeemer (the others had gone there the previous week).  Tickets were BRL75 (about RM94) which included the train ride up.  Turned out to be an anti-climax.  The mist was so thick that visibility was near zero!  I hung around and finally the mist cleared for oh, 10 seconds.

My best shot

Hahaha.  What to do.  At least I saw SOMETHING.  Tickets for earlier sessions in the day were sold out by the time I went online.

I had a tummy-ache and came out of the toilet to find that the last train was there.  Phew... can't imagine what'd have happened if I had missed that!!

It was time to go.  Back to the hotel, later to the airport and back HOME.

I didn't have time for souvenir-hunting (stalls were just setting up at Copacabana beach), Ipanema beach or Sugarloaf Mountain.  But I am fine with that... maybe will visit again one day, maybe not. 


  1. Is the BRL5 charge for the live music?

    1. Yeah hehe. It's common to split bills there, as in each person within the dining party will have his/her own bill and pay separately. Maybe if it's a combined bill the total music charge will still be BRL5.

    2. Ah, if like that, better not to split the bill.

  2. A fruitful trip for both work and sight seeing.

    1. Well actually for work I also dunno whether it was really fruitful hehe. But yeah good thing had a whole day for sight-seeing... by right could have sent me back on Friday itself since the flight is late in the night.

  3. At least you managed to catch it for 10s!! Can't imagine if I went all the way there and couldn't even see anything haha..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka