Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hubby's CNY do

I just have to post this up! So hubby invited a few friends over for a CNY eat/drink session. He agonised for days over cooking the lunch ourselves, or eating at a restaurant then adjourning home for drinks. Eventually he decided on the former 3 days before the event.

The focus was his vintage wines, the best few bottles retailing at RM300-400 each. Served together was to be a variety of cheeses and good snacks. Lunch was supposed to be light.

But hubby kept adding to the list! He made porridge as a 'test' before the lunch. And also bak kut teh. When I protested that porridge and BKT doesn't go, he went all defensive and said you must have lots of food when you invite people over. Oo-kay.

The day before the lunch, the man was like a jack-in-the-box. He went to the market. Some stalls still weren't open. He came home with whatever he managed to buy.  Then he went out again to the shops for BKT herbs. Came home and went out again to Tesco (which is pretty far from my house).

The night before the lunch, hubby was missing for a long time. I only realised later that he was in the kitchen busy cutting up cabbage, cucumber, peppers and tomato for his salad. He'd also commandeered our maid for the task, resulting in 'tiok tiok tiok' chopping sounds issuing out from our kitchen. I commented on the quantity that was being produced, he got cranky and asked me to let him do what he wants to do. Oo-kay.

The day of the lunch, he went out again to Jaya Grocer and came home with a huge mango, pears, 2 green papaya and 1 green pineapple. When I enquired if the green fruits were for the salad, he said they're perfectly ripe and asked the maid to cut them up. Oo-kay.

Final menu for 7 guests:
1.  Very good wines - 8 bottles finished
2.  Cheeses - camembert, brie, gruyere, cheddar, red leicester, gloucester
3.  Imported tortilla 'cups' paired with imported extra-spicy salsa
4.  Chicken abalone porridge (and that's REAL abalone)
5.  BKT with extra herbs and tons of pork ribs
6.  Enoki mushrooms and shabu-shabu sliced pork to 'swish' in the BKT soup
7.  Salad with sesame dressing
8.  Roast chicken made with a free-range chicken
9.  Roast turmeric salted pork
10. Braised pork belly
11. Stir-fried broccoli
12. Steamed rice
13. Fruit - Australian mango and pears

What happened to the green papayas and pineapple? Well they were too raw to be eaten! And the salad? Only half was served, the other half is still sitting in our fridge today. Keke last laugh for me. Even hubby agreed there was overkill in quantity and variety. On the bright side, guests gave loads of compliments so hubby was happy.

Phew. I think if there had been more time, hubby would have snapped under the stress! And my fridge would be stuffed full of leftovers.

NB forgot this at first... Waiting in the wings were cocktail sausages with imported mustard. Also waxed duck steamed with Chinese sausages. Both of these were not needed.

Hubby the host

And in the corner, two girls doing what they do best... PLAY

Some of the wines consumed


  1. In some ways I salute him. There's no way at all mine will be so kan cheong over a party. He'll just give the simplest food. N it's a good thing that he being a generous host in terms of quantity n quality.

  2. that's a lot of food! I'm not a wine-drinker but I do love my cheese :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Cat, he's like that for parties! Even for our CNY reunion with the big poonchoi, he wanted to add fish, prawns, roast pork, soup, porridge etc. I had to keep telling him everything's already in the poonchoi! And that porridge is redundant since got rice. Ended up still must add 'extras' sigh.

    Ai, it was absolutely too much food! At least got lotsa extra nice cheeses in my fridge now. :)

  4. So your hubby actually cooked all THOSE food?????????? I am quite surprised that there was enough time...considering that he could go to Jaya Grocer on the day itself. Do you normally have to cook something OR he rather do it ALL????
    Another Q...does your hubby read your blog??? ;) I love your honesty , Stacy...coz normally what your write...alot of times I am thinking...my hubs is also the same! MEN! (eyes rolling)

  5. Leona, ah I made the braised pork belly, roast chic, salted pork. Maid did the broccoli. He made abalone porridge, BKT and salad. Plus was director of operations - deciding when to serve what. No he doesn't read my blog - I shall so do an expose on him one day after he annoys me heh.