Monday, February 3, 2014

CNY 2014

Happy CNY everyone! *waves*

We are all wearing new clothes!

Just read back my CNY 2013 post and noted the part on planning to do more for CNY 2014. Heh the reality is... I did even LESS! I was busy at work and couldn't take leave. The preceeding few weekends were filled with something. Life with my 1-year-older girls remains busy. (Plus I was a bit lazy teehee.)

Reunion dinner was at my house as usual. Attendees were 9 adults and 3 toddlers. The menu:
1. Yee sang with extra salmon (pic taken before salmon was added)
2. 'Poon choy' from the famous shop LYJ
3. Stir-fried broccoli
4. Lotus root soup
5. Fried fish - contributed by guest
6. Leek with roast pork - contributed by guest
7. Lots of alcohol

Hmm while this 'poon choy' was BIG (not that you'd notice from the photo. We only managed one-third of it that night), it didn't have luxury ingredients like abalone and sea cucumber. Hubby's family prizes such ingredients so guess we won't be getting this for CNY again. The prawns weren't fresh either.

The 1st day of CNY, we got into our new clothes and took pictures. Strangely enough, there are no activities on hubby's side of the family this day. So I took the opportunity to suggest going out to 1U's Secret Garden again (could be the start of our family tradition!). Had a sushi lunch at JE's request.

Me and my precious girls

Before setting out

Dinner on Day1 was with hubby's side, as was lunch and dinner on Day2 and lunch on Day3. Hubby got roaring drunk at the session afterwards, sigh. Dinner was with my parents (had to cart hubby there where he ate some dinner and then went off to sleep. Carted him home again when it was time to go). After four meals with hubby's side, I must say it was nice to be with MY family! No offence meant to anyone hehe.

Let's plan our strategy on this yee sang

Still plenty of CNY days to go.  :)


  1. Happy Chinese New Year!! :) I made pencai this year for the first time.. w/o any recipe hahahah. Turned out ok, my in-laws liked it as it's not too overwhelmingly rich (mine just had abalone, mushrooms, cabbage, dried oyster, and fuzhou fishballs for Lil Pumpkin) as the restaurant ones can be.

    Enjoy the rest of CNY!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Hi Stacy! HAPPY New Year to u!!! Sounds that your hubby family had an eating spree during d first few days! I know what u mean about being with your own side of the family. Yesterday I mentioned to my hubby casually why not next year for the eve CNY,we spend with my dad since he is on his own. A big fat No straightaway...

  3. Phewitt... seldom see you in short dress n heel sandals. Looks good. Should dress like that more often. Hahaha...

  4. Ai, do post up a pic of that pencai! I wouldn't have thought of putting fishballs, but the one I bought had a large piece of fishcake which turned out to be the most popular item!

    Leona, MEN... haha. Actually we had different components of hubby's family - SIL with MIL, another SIL with her kids/spouses etc with various overlaps. I felt so 'at home' with my own family though. Still working on hubby to move our reunion to lunch so that we can go to my family for dinner!

    Cat, arggh after a while walking round 1u, the sandals were so uncomfortable. Confirmed I'm a comfort-over-beauty kinda person!