Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pushcar at 1u

We've been getting this pushcar when we go to 1U. It's only RM1 for the first 3 hours, though it goes up to RM2 for subsequent hours. Still cheaper than those kiddie ride machines at RM2/3 a pop. Only a small problem...

One girl... happy

What about the other girl? Well, she can stand in the space at the back. But she isn't too happy...

Wanna ride in front! *pulls at jie-jie's hair*

 Well, two can also squeeze into the driving compartment.

SE: Ahhh this is better. And I will drive.

SE: Wanna drive! Wanna drive!
JE: Take Su Ern away! *I* will drive!

 The next time we got this pushcar again, this is what SE did...

What? I like to sit like this

And she insisted on riding this way, facing backwards, while we pushed it along. While the big girl walked alongside complaining away. 

I'm good, really. Just push ok?

Aiyo how? Either need to get TWO pushcars or make it a lesson in sharing and taking turns!


  1. I've now taken the route of buying 2 of everything! but for stroller, we only take one out when we go shopping. Managed to convince big E to give in.

  2. Just relooked the photos - can JE stand at the back? She shld be tall enuf to get an unobstructed view rite?

  3. Y, JE can definitely stand at the back. But WANTS to sit in the car, AND hold the steering wheel! Well that's exactly what both of them want, actually. :)

  4. I guess easier to get them to share.. because it may happen that BOTH are bored with it and don't want to drive the cars, then how to handle 2 cars with 2 kids running about?? haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka