Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cameron Highlands trip 2014

Just back from 3d2n in Camerons Highlands! I've been wanting to take the kids for quite a while now. My last trip with my family (parents, sibs, in laws, Justin and Elyssa) was before JE even existed. It was virtually impossible to arrange a repeat trip with my family though. And hubby kept worrying about landslides. So what to do? A girl has to do what she has to do... book accommodation, take annual leave and lay the guilt trip on hubby. Hehe.

The sun was scorching hot when we left KL. Air quality wasn't good either. We stopped at Tapah for lunch - felt like I got half-roasted merely crossing the main road from car to shop! I was beginning to laugh at myself for packing jackets and long-sleeved shirts.

We stopped at the Iskandar waterfall. Ahh this was nice. It was a Thursday and there were very few other groups.

Greetings from the waterfall!

Tried to lower SE into the water. Somehow her legs weren't where they were supposed to be...

No no, my feet don't like! (Toes all curled up too)

JE wasn't much better. I managed to get her feet wet by holding her like this...

Just when I had written off my city kids, they started to enjoy the water. Both happily got wet from head to toe! (Hubby was busy issuing dire warnings about them falling on the rocks, catching a chill etc)

The big girl:  Wheeee!

The little girl: Wheeee!

Had to tear them away, heh. Drove on up the hill. Gave JE a lollipop to ease any boredom/motion sickness. SE bawled trying to get one for herself - not giving her sweets yet. Much later, stopped at Bharat tea plantation. It was getting a bit chilly so it was nice walking up/down the tea slopes.

My mummy says har, all those are tea bushes

Why the fuss over these leaves? Can eat one meh?

By the time we reached Brinchang, it was really cold! Wished I'd packed MORE warm clothing!
OK, continue in next post. :)


  1. I worry about the landslides too :P The scenery at the waterfalls and tea bushes are so pretty!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Haven't been to Cameron for years too. It's a nice place to go - it's just a tad far.

  3. Ai, nah landslides don't happen too often and they're usually minor.

    Leona, yeah I'd so go more often if it were nearer!