Friday, March 7, 2014

My birthday

Interrupt the Camerons posts for a more important event... my birthday! Haha. As usual, I took leave from work - must celebrate myself, and what better way than being able to do what I want for the day. Even if it's a small thing like turning off my daily wake-up alarm!

This year I had plans to send the kids over to my parents and have a movie/lunch date with hubby. But a business opportunity suddenly came up. So I kept the kids in for the day and just went for dinner. Hubby made it a point to return home early and suggested a classier dinner than I had planned, so all was good. :)

Chose a slab of brownie (hubby rushed up to pay, which was good again!) and stuck 2 candles in it. JE thinks I'm one year old because last year I stuck one candle in my slice of cake. So this round I continued the trend by putting in TWO. It does happen to be my real age, minus some decades. Heh heh.

Pictures... I didn't realise SE was so happy until I saw the short video!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to MUMMY, happy birthday to you

JE immediately positioned herself to blow out the candles (hey it's MY birthday!) but I managed to pull myself together in time to blow out one.

It was overall a good evening!  JE ate well and SE behaved too.

Nom nom nom

This one is my lollipop!

(Dinner was at The Ship... not super-pricey. Just that our maid was there and I ordered her the same thing so it adds up! Not nice to just get her the cheapest item lah)


  1. Happy belated birthday to you!!! :)

  2. You look happy surrounded with your kids! Happy belated birthday!!!

  3. Leona, thanks! Yeah love having kids!