Saturday, March 29, 2014


Need to rein myself in soon! It's all too easy buying things online these days. I usually do it in the office, and it sure beats doing actual work heh heh. I mostly go for household things and toys/clothes for the kids. Sometimes I decide NOT to buy something. Then cave in after a few hours/days/weeks. Arggh! Like these pillow pets. I'd concluded they were bulky and not something the girls needed at all. Shortly after, had a chance conversation with hubby where I mentioned SE was born in the year of the Dragon. Also that there aren't many toys in the shape of dragons. And I suddenly remembered that one of the "pillopets" I'd shortlisted was a green Dragon. That was it... back I went to purchase!

I got this giraffe and I like my giraffe so, so much!

I got this dragon... it has a tongue

Both of us have new pillows, yay!

These pillow pets aren't too bad actually. They're good quality and soft. Though Ah Mah said SE's dragon looks rather scary. And Ah Kong said JE's giraffe doesn't have a long neck and is so fat it looks like a pig. Well these need to function as pillows so the shape can't run far from the basic! The girls like them - they're huggable and can be played with in different ways. Money NOT wasted, phew. :)


  1. hehe so cute.. but how do you wash and clean them??

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, just need to chuck them into the washing machine! Heh love this part.

  3. Any good online shopping sites to recommend? Giraffe looks like a pig... Haha!

  4. Leona, this one is from Dealmates, good deal for RM30 each. I stalk Groupon, Livingsocial, Hulala etc. Plus Facebook sites for group buys, tupperware and pre-owned stuff. Going to need therapy soon hehe.