Sunday, March 23, 2014

RIP Shadow

Our dog Shadow has gone to doggy heaven.  Came down this morning and was told by Ilyn, 'Mam, Shadow die already'. He wasn't well the last couple of days - off his food, vomited - but nobody expected it to be serious. He was only 5 years old, still young.

He was hubby's dog. Hubby wanted a BIG, BLACK german shepherd and bought Shadow for a substantial sum after visiting a few specialised dog breeders. We were living in my condo then so Shadow spent his first 3 months indoors in hubby's factory. It was initially a good life... hubby drove all the way twice daily to feed him, play with him, take him for walks. And bought lamb chops specially for him. 

But later on... Shadow was willful and as he grew, it became difficult taking him for walks as he would pull and run wherever he pleased. We were afraid he might cause a neighbour or worse, a child, injury by leaping at them. Hubby strained his wrist once. Walks became few and far between.

Hubby even thought of giving/selling Shadow off but nobody wanted a dog this size. So poor dog was relegated to his area at the back of our house.


We were careful to keep Shadow away from the kids - didn't want to risk any damage from a swipe of his paw or a clampdown of his jaws! But he was still a part of their lives. JE often asked to be placed on the kitchen counter to watch Shadow outside. When she was only starting to talk, she told him sternly, 'A-dow, NO.' when he barked at my SIL. There would be no more cries of "Shadowwww! Su Ern dowan to eat!'.
Hmm. While I didn't have time for Shadow, the back area without his doggy presence wouldn't be the same.

Hope he's in a better place.


  1. Sorry for hear of your lost. It's always hard because a pet is still part of the family, even if just an animal..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka