Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Camerons Part 2

*Continue with Cameron Highlands*

Stayed at a 3-bedroom apartment in Crown Imperial for just under RM500. So spacious - took a photo of JE from the opposite corner for size comparison. (Note the collection of toys we brought along!) One room had two queen-sized beds side by side, perfect for hubby, me, JE and SE. Our maid slept in a room with a double bed+one mattress and the remaining room with a double bed+two mattresses was left vacant. Rather a waste, but at least we never had to queue for the bathroom!

Why this mummy take photo from so far away?

The temperature: COLD! I was shivering a little even with my jacket on. Both my girls aren't bothered by cold too much.

This one is my sister Su-Su

The next morning we did the typical Camerons attractions - strawberry farm, honeybee farm, cactus farm, vegetable farm, market etc etc. But JE complained she wasn't feeling well. She didn't have a fever but was rather lethargic. And wanted to go back to the apartment instead of visiting more farms. Oh-oh. Luckily I'd brought along Panadol syrup and she perked up enough for us to resume the tourist-y activities. Phew! Must always bring Panadol on holidays just in case!

SE now... was super-clingy.  I walk a couple of steps away and she starts crying. Saw this kinda face a lot, sigh. On the bright side, it was nice carrying and cuddling her since she's soft and warm. :)

I want Mummy!

Camerons isn't a cheap place - accommodation, food, basically everything. Except for one thing - STRAWBERRIES! They were big, cheap, beautiful! I buy lots of strawberries since JE (currently) likes them. Prices at Camerons were less than half of those in KL!

Strawberries for me! And strawberry-tie thing in my hair!

Oh, it was such a good break. Cool weather, fresh air, fresh vegetables/fruit, greenery everywhere. Ahhhh. After that it was back to KL with the heat and haze. Argghh.

JE: Don't wanna take photo


  1. wow those strawberries are HUGE!!! We don't usually bring so many toys when traveling, but we will bring a big bed of medicines just-in-case haha. Panadol and medicine for her eczema especially ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, I already didn't get the huge-est ones on sale! Those scared me a little haha.