Thursday, February 6, 2014

Secret Garden again

Shall we make it our CNY family tradition? Did this place last CNY too. This year, there wasn't a soul around besides us.  JE went into her usual sour mode when told we were taking photos. But the various things to see - flowers, weird plants, guppy fish, water - soon perked her up.

Look! Giant floating leaves!

Trip-pity hop-pity

*Jump! Jump!*  I can reach that red woolly flower!

Mumm! (Yep that's what this kid calls me) We have this flower too!

And a nice quiet moment with little SE

The sun was scorching hot, but being there wasn't too bad with the many shady plants around. It's a nice time-out from our CNY excesses of feasting, drinking and chatting. 


  1. Lovely photos and weather to be at the garden! You don't edit your photos, right? The colours are very nice.. great camera!

  2. Ai, I don't KNOW how to edit photos! Haha. All I do is crop. :)