Friday, February 14, 2014

SE at 21 months

SE is referred to as 'the small one' in our household. And she's growing up. It's nice having more time to myself now that I've stopped breastfeeding and don't have to schedule my routines in 3-4 hour chunks in order to nurse her or pump milk. And I feel rested now that I can sleep without waking up 2-3 times every night to feed her. But I'm aware that these precious baby/early childhood of my girl will go past only too soon.  For now, I am relishing kissing her still-baby-soft hair, having her small body fitting snugly in my lap and being able to easily lift and cuddle her.

SE at 21 months:
1. Is still super-LOUD.  Heard her cry for the first time after we brought her home (actually to my parents' place for my confinement) from the hospital at 3 days old. Hoo the sheer volume from that tiny baby! Now, you can easily hear her bawling from far, far away!

Let me get ready to test my vocal cords

2. Loves to eat. Ahh I am SO glad to have a kid who likes her food. She still finishes her two 5oz servings of  homemade baby food but gets some rice/veg/meat/soup as well from our lunch and dinners.

Food? I like food. You have food?

3. Is very stubborn and determined to get what she wants. That includes wanting things other people are having, or insisting on a particular person feeding her using a particular utensil. Or you could be minding your business sitting comfortably and she'd come and try to push you out of the way as she'd decided to walk that way or put something right where you were sitting.

Oo I think you're having something I want. Gimme!

4. Likes music. She'd sway her head, shake her arms and move her body. Sometimes I move her arms for her to music. And sometimes when there is music, she comes over to me with her arms out-stretched for me to move them. Gotta teach her some moves!

Ah -la-la-la-la-long

What else... she's a very slow teether. At 1 year old, she didn't have a single tooth yet. Now she has barely 8 teeth (not all are fully out yet).

She's starting to talk as well. All in all, a very cute package, this one!


  1. Ya now I'm finding it hard to lift Lil Pumpkin already. Definitely not as light as before!! haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka