Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gelato followers

Went to 1u yesterday since it was a public holiday.  Well actually it was to collect a Lego set for myself hehe.  Hubby offered me an anniversary present (we don't normally buy each other presents. Both of us are fussy so we might as well just buy ourselves what we want!)  And suddenly someone posted up for sale a retired set that I had been eyeing.  It had a higher price tag than any of my other sets.  But since it was to be my present... GRAB.  Heh heh.  OK I did consider and think a while.

Then I went into Toys r Us to molest some more Lego.  Hubby got bored and went to buy some gelato. Suddenly there were a couple of interested parties...


Mmmm. Yummy

The interested parties quickly become followers...

More, more!


The littlest follower would be waiting with mouth open...


Come, come to me

Hubby had to entertain his fans until gelato was finished.

OK finish already. Shoo

OK no more. Shoo


  1. Ha ha..your post is very entertaining and funny. I couldn't help laughing! Your girls are really cute!

  2. So funny, so cute and you made the gelato really mouth watering!

  3. They are really cute, waiting to be fed gelato. Good that they did not ask for one gelato each.

  4. Your 2 daughters are very cute..I like the way your little one ask for gelato :D

  5. the photo of SE with her mouth open, even tho the spoon is still quite far away from her mouth :-)

  6. wah which set did you buy? quick build and post!!

    Over the weekend we bought the Lego Advent calendars (CITY and Star Wars).. dunno if it's for Lil Pumpkin or myself hahahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Nancy, tq!

    Magictree, actually that gelato wasn't that nice hehe.

    Mun, hm I think it's a matter of setting precedents. They NEVER get one each.

    Agnes, thanks!

    Y, she popped her mouth open once gelato finished. :)