Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tesco emergency button

You know those emergency buttons at carparks?

Button? What button?

Ever wonder if they really work?

Oh, you mean THAT button. Teeheehee

Pass to SE to tell what happened...

SE:  Jo-Jo prehh the button at Teh-co. Then, NEE NOR NEE NOR NEE NOR...

Which sums up what happened!  These 3 actions happened within 2 seconds:

1. JE saw the button.
2. Asked, "What's this button"
3. *Press*.

So yes, the button does work.  The sound is very loud.  And doesn't stop.  Needless to say, I got out of there as quickly as I could.  :)

(Pictures above during taken a second trip)


  1. *sweat* LOL......must have terkejut. Good that it works...ahem ahem.....maybe got CCTV oh :o

  2. o dear, you might have been caught pressing the button in the CCTV, haaaa..

  3. Eh, nobody came running to rescue you all when the button was pressed ah? I thought that was what the button was for - to shout for help so help should arrive. So means button failed lah since no help came.

  4. Hahahaaa..Stacy, I think you are all caught in the CCTV. But in a way it is good to test and it takes JE to do it. And you never expected it.

  5. SK, hehe who knows.

    Agnes, it wasn't ME heheheh.

    Mun, not sure whether it's because they monitored and found nothing wrong. Or yeah, failure in the process. But even in the latter case, who knows the alarm might deter the criminal.

    Nancy, haha yes it was unexpected and LOUD!

    Magictree, at least haha.

    Ai, both my girls seem to have this curious streak!