Sunday, October 25, 2015

No 'S'-es

SE can say some 'S' especially if it's at the beginning of a word.  Like her name. Otherwise the 'S' will be replaced by an emphatic 'H' sound, or will be missing entirely.

1. Hoh = Horse
2. Dah-bin = Dustbin
3. Noh = Nose
4. Fah = Fast
5. No white = Snow White
6. Be-coh = Because

Some 'P's are pronounced 'F' instead.

1. Fuay = Play
2. Fuin = Prince
4. Fuin-sare = Princess

Fine, if you're not a fan of my speech, I just won't talk

Wonder when she will say these correctly!

Another word she says is Blank-klet for 'blanket'.  Cute, for now.  :)


  1. Stacy, I think most kids started speaking something like this. Does she has a missing tooth in front? One step at a time.

  2. she is still at the stage of baby talk...she will catch up very fast soon.

  3. SE is still very young. Wait until she goes to kindy.

  4. Do you correct her to say it properly? I think her vocab seems pretty good though!

  5. Nancy, nope no missing tooth.

    Agnes, hopefully!

    Mun, yeah one more year at home.

    Ai, halfheartedly correct her haha. Then she goes "Sssss. (stop) Nake" - two separate words!