Monday, October 12, 2015


are good for sharing a bowl of home-made popcorn with!

Munch munch munch

Half gone now...

My popped corn is always way smaller than the commercial ones. Oh well.


  1. Popcorn! Long time I have not eaten popcorn! I love to munch, munch, munch too!

  2. Many years from now, they will look at these photos and feel warmth in their hearts. Better make pop corn at home than buy those super expensive ones.

  3. Ahhh memories to remember for a long time!! :) I haven't had popcorn in ages too since I started training.. but Lil Pumpkin loves them. I specially went to search for those powdered cheese so that we can add to the popcorn to make cheese popcorn. Tastes pretty good!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Aaahhh.....this is life! Lovely!

  5. Nancy, go go get some. :)

    Mun, heh I do like how these photos turned out. Good option of popcorn are those sold at the cinema. I find the super expensive too highly seasoned, altho nice to eat once in a while.

    Ai, I still can't adapt to salty popcorn!

    Magictree tq! :)