Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No reader yet

JE doesn't read well yet.  I was initially pleased with her progress after half a year at kindy. Well but that was from zero to 'something'... from 'something' to 'something better' isn't as fast. :)

Reading sessions usually end in exasperation (mine) and tears (hers).  A month ago she cried out, "I don't know how to READ! I am still very SMALL!"  Hehehe.  Poor lil kid!

She's getting better though.  I can read WITH her now, as opposed to reading TO her.  I point to words she is supposed to know for her to read aloud and I read out the harder ones.

Wait Su Ern, I read this first

One step at a time.


  1. some are fast learners some are not..just like my 2 can manage her own study and I have to guide my younger to read especially on Chinese subject.

  2. JE is not yet six so there is still plenty of time. You read with her everynight and soon she will be able to read very well.

  3. yup one step at a time :) ... all in good time!

  4. My nephew only starts reading at 6. Mine at 3. But you know what, my nephew is such a great reader now...he reads books as thick as dictionaries when he was 11-12.....mine still not much of a reader till now although can read!!!!

  5. Every kid has his or her own pace of learning to read, same like learning to talk. Be patient, one step at a time. Just enjoy reading with them because very soon they may not wait to read with you!

  6. Agnes, I'm actually thinking my older girl might be easier than the younger haha. If that's true later I will be pulling my hair out!

    Mun, reading with her is not really something I look forward to! Weekdays no time so usually weekends only.

    Ai, yeah some progress is better than none.

    Magictree, you have a point. :) Must try not to get too stressed!

    Nancy, arggh ya ya.

  7. Remember your theory about Book Readers vs Tv Watchers? I still can't get Johnny to read! But surprisingly, Elyssa has turned into quite a bookworm recently, so mebbe your theory not so right afterall. hehe.

  8. Y, what's the connection between Johnny and Elyssa??