Monday, July 18, 2016

Cannot take camera

SE isn't allowed to take my camera.  She's clumsy at her age and I don't want to risk an accident with this relatively expensive camera.  I did try saying she could hold it ONLY while sitting down, but this one doesn't listen and would walk around with it.

That's why she forbidden to... hey, where's that girl?

There she is... now why is she there??


Look, tiger cub, look at this photo

Yep not much point sometimes, with this girl.  Like with my phone, which she isn't allowed to touch, she IMMEDIATELY pokes around the moment she sees it unattended.  At least she has taken the time here to go into hiding before the illicit activity!

Another view


  1. sebijik like J. i wave white flag jor

  2. Have to keep the camera and your smartphone hidden from her lor.

  3. She's a lot like my younger son. Always testing the limits.

  4. Very natural. She is curious, interested and wanting to learn. Lol!

  5. haha you should get a camera strap then and ask her to put it around her neck at the very least :P that's what I do with Lil Pumpkin when she uses my camera.. sometimes I ask her to take photos of me and her daddy too :P

  6. SK, haha normal one ah?

    Mun, there is a high risk that if I hide my camera/smartphone, I pulak the one who cannot find.

    Magictree, I notice it's usually the youngest child who is like that!

    Nancy, And who cares about people who try to stop you from doing that eh? Hehe.

    Ai, if she doesn't bother about the wrist strap, she probably wouldn't bother about a neck strap either!