Thursday, July 21, 2016


One day, the girls were being couch potatoes.  And were in danger of picking up smoking (haha ok, those are actually lollipop sticks).  So I scooped them up and took them to the playground opposite our house.

Off the TV? Why? We like watching TV!

The playground is in parts muddy, sandy and overgrown with weeds, and the equipment is rusty and ill-maintained.  But there are things a kid can do there.  SE is 'cooking' in this hollow pole - the girls would pick grass, weed flowers, twigs and whatnot and throw them in, then stir everything with a long stick.

Cook cook cook

Some of the equipment can still function...


The next pics are from another day, notice the change of clothes...

See.Saw. See.Saw.


Should do this more often!


  1. Good that both of them enjoys playing at the playground and do not complain when you switch off the TV. Can see them looking happy playing with you and each other at the playground.

  2. Kids will always be able to see the fun in a place no matter where we bring them :) gotta love their creative minds!

  3. Sometimes when I see my kids being too idle, I take them out to our nearby park too. It's amazing what kids can do with a bit of imagination - collect leaves as if those are treasure and chase after birds :)

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  4. Sometimes I wish I were a little kid, so carefree. Good thing they didn't make a fuss when you off the TV. I remembered my "main masak, masak" days....cook,cook,cook, imagery cooking with whatever we can find. So good to see your girls enjoying themselves.

  5. Mun, sometimes *I* am the lazy one! Coz while they are watching TV, I'm free to do my own stuff.

    Ai, true. They can spend ages on something really small.

    Michelle, yeah leaves and whatnot can somehow be used in LOTS of games!

    Nancy, I'd play along, like ask did you remember to put salt? And, I like garlic, can you put some garlic inside? Hehe.

    Irvine, must treasure these times!