Monday, July 25, 2016

Do it myself

SE likes doing things herself now.  Like holding a breakable glass full of juice by herself, and clinging on to the heavy glass for dear life should anyone try to pry it from her.

Like trying to grab a folded umbrella, longer than she is tall, away from kakak because she wants to be the one walking with it.  And ending up with both pulling away at the umbrella while walking. SE won.  Luckily it was on a not-busy street from building to carpark.  

Like wanting to be the one holding up a shared umbrella in the rain when she is wayy shorter than the adult holding it.  And ending up with both parties trying to snatch the umbrella (she is surprisingly strong for her size) while walking in the rain.  Difficult, and dangerous too.

No need to hold my hand! I can go up myself!!

It's not THAT high

See, can go up by myself

Sometimes you can't let her win as it will be dangerous. Yet she will be struggling to, which may be dangerous as well. I think I should just keep her safely locked up at home.


  1. Perhaps bring her to somewhere safe like a playground for her to exert her independence and remind her constantly not to want to have independence during raining or risky situations.

  2. wahh her hair seems so long now! very cute with the pigtails :)

  3. Ha ha! She is growing up and wants to be independent. Growing phase.

  4. she is getting more independant now.

  5. Mun, tired la... haha.

    Ai, can't pull a fast one on you! These photos were taken jusst before her latest haircut.

    Nancy, guess so!

    SK, she is so NOT ready yet for some things!