Thursday, July 28, 2016


JE knows how to read a little now.  And count.  Up to a hundred at least.

Previously I'd stuck one candle in a slice of cake for my birthday.  So she remembered that and told me, Mummy I know you are ONE year old!  Because there was one candle for your birthday.  The following year I stuck in TWO candles, for continuity, and she remembered that too.  (Coincidentally, that was my real exact age minus the decades part, so it was very easy to remember)

That was the good old days.  Now that she is 6, of course she knows I can't possibly be younger than she is.  So when she asked my age, I told her (rounded it down a bit ahem).

Recently in the car...

(Kids playing with a toy)
Me:  Oh I want to play also!

Aiyo hahaha.

JE: Ignore my mummy. She's too old for toys


  1. You are young at heart so can still play toys. Good that JE can count up to 100 now.

  2. Ha ha...mummy is still young. JE has good memory.

  3. haha ya her memory is very good! :P Not sure why the kids are so obsessed about ages.. Lil Pumpkin tries hard to remember my and hubby's ages too

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Mun, ya lor haha.

    Nancy, I'm a pretty old Mummy hehe.

    Ai, guess the concept is new to them and therefore exciting.