Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hari Raya people

JE was referring to Malays as 'Hari Raya people'.  So I was trying to tell her about different races of people.

Me:  These people are 'Malays', you know?  Not Hari Raya people.  There are different types of people.  Like (classmate) Tishana is Indian, your teacher Su is Malay.  And you are Chinese.
JE:  No, I am English!
Me:  Huh???
JE:  I know Chinese little bit only.

Haha so she was referring to language proficiency!  Mandarin is her worst language and she's better at English and Bahasa.

Race is a sensitive issue these days.  While I don't want her to focus on differences in race/religion, she also needs to know about them.  The call to prayer from a nearby mosque can be clearly heard in my house and she asked recently about the 'singing'.  I told her it was 'praying' - not sure if she's aware what THAT means as we are not particularly religious.

Hello, I'm English.  Hehe.


  1. I wonder what is a good way and method to teach children about the different culture here.

  2. Little by little the kids will learn and understand the different culture and race. She is sweet!

  3. Mun, I am just going to tell them there're many types of people. Just like there're many different types of animals hehe.

    Nancy, tq!

  4. When my kids were younger, they always said they were "english" and not "chinese" too.

  5. Magictree haha really? I never thought I was English!

  6. I said exactly the same thing when I was a kid!! hahaha..