Monday, April 16, 2018

JE's birthday

JE got to celebrate part 2 of her birthday with the cousins.  It was somewhere the kids had asked frequently to go to - Starship Galactica in 1u!  The answer had always been NO... I don't want to be waiting hours for them to finish.  But it was perfect for a birthday!

It was a joint celebration with cousin Elyssa.  JE wanted her cake the previous week so none on this day.

Happy birthday to us!

Tickets cost RM35 per kid and RM5 for an accompanying adult.  Asked our maid Jane to go in and passed her a camera.  Then off we went shopping haha.

Some scenes from the inside:



Giant Slide!

With Koko and Jensen

Ball pit!

We hauled them out after 1.5 hours to cut the cake and have lunch. The initial plan was to go somewhere for fast food, but this place doesn't allow re-entry after you leave (clever huh).  So we ordered lunch from them.  Food was all right lah.

Have to eat before Mummy will let us play

The kids had a blast and spent 4.5 hours playing, excluding lunch time.  Value for money haha. 


  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration for the kids. Can see that they were enjoying themselves having fun.

  2. wah really value for money. so it means mommy get to spend 4.5 hours shopping in 1u? ;p Mommy is clever to pass the camera to helper Jane to take photos or else we won't get to see the photos here.

    1. On normal days, I'd want to spend time with them so not keen to park them there.

      But yes, if my objective is have lots of "me-time" then this would be value for money!