Thursday, April 5, 2018


The kids had a treat for cousin Jensen's birthday... a visit to a trampoline park!  It was about RM25 for one hour.

One trampoline per person, no sharing

There's a 'foam pit' too

JE wanted to go to the bouncy castle, but only kids below 110cm were allowed.

I can be here, Jojo cannot. Heheheee

Well she could play at this one...


The kids enjoyed themselves and were all sweaty from all the jumping.  There were a few other styles of trampolines but not all were suitable for beginners. 

The jumpers

Big buffalo at the end was jumping too

Overall, to me this is an interesting way to make money... the things people think of haha.  A good way to exercise for sure.  My sis joined too, others had various problems with knee/back/neck etc etc and opted out.


  1. A fun and healthy exercise for the kids to sweat out!

  2. my girl loves it at these trampoline parks too but I'm not tt keen as sometimes it gets way too crowded and it's so easy to just jump wrongly and land on the hard parts which kinda freaks me out since you can get seriously injured doing so! :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. It's a new concept to me! Well not surprisingly since I'm basically non-athletic hehe.

      My oldest nephew said his back hurt after 10mins of jumping. Looks like jumping in the wrong position could also be a problem.

  3. You did not join in the jumping? RM25 per hour is on the expensive side and is 1 hour enough for the children?

    1. Nah I didn't. My knee is starting to show signs of age.

      1 hour is tiring enough! Actually subsequent hour is cheaper at rm15 and there's a package for 3 hours.