Monday, April 30, 2018

Looking for furniture

So I blithely announced in the morning, Today we are going to look for furniture!

Reaction from SE:  Mummy! Why you make today so... BAD?!

Then went to complain to the Papa: Mummy naughty!  Don't want us go to 1u or Tesco.  Only want to go look for... fee-niture.  Mummy go and make today so BAD!

Well what to do?  We need furniture for our new apartment, which would be a resting place close to my parents' house, the kids' schools.

We started our trek to various furniture shops, and... I couldn't keep up with those two!  They were everywhere, they tested everything, they kept wanting to go upstairs, they basically had a WHALE of a time.

THIS one is pretty nice

Wheeeeee!  This one is a YES!

Hmm? Fruit?

Ooohh... the table of my dreams

Yeah we really should get this

I need to check this one also

There's more upstairs, come on! Let's go see! 

Looks like SE enjoys "fee-niture" shopping very much after all.


  1. Wah, having a holiday / resting home is such a good idea. So did you get all the furniture that you need for the new place? Did you tease SE that she enjoyed furniture shopping so much after complaining about it initially. looks like you went to a very big complex with many furniture shops inside. The place looks big.

    1. We went to quite a few places! Some standalone, some were individual shops in a furniture complex, some were displays within a mall. The last picture was at Fella Design which was too posh for us hehe.

  2. Ha ha ha! Looks like both girls enjoy furniture shopping more than you!

    1. Luckily we have found what we needed! One day was enough for me. Also the weather was very hot that day.

  3. Wow so exciting!! Do post pics as you get this new place ready.. I'm sure the girls will love it too! Do they get their own rooms?

    1. Unfortunately no! The place only has 2 rooms and really, it's too small for comfort.