Thursday, May 31, 2018


Kids' birthdays are so fun this year!  This time it was cousin Jayden's birthday celebration. 

First time for my girls at the bowling alley.


How to hold this ball?

Luckily this bowling alley has something to cover the "longkang"/drain or practically all the shots will be zero hehe.  As it was, the ball would just bounce off the "drain cover" and roll over to the other side and so on until it reaches the skittles.

JE loved it and was lucky enough to get one strike.  SE got mad when she couldn't hit as many as she wanted.

SE:  Don't like Jojo.  Snake and ladder also she win, bowling also she win. Don't like Jojo A LOT!

And tried to hit JE.  Hehe what to do with this little one.  Just told her that Jojo is older, when you play games sometimes you lose yada yada. 

My turn again

I LOVE bowling

JE keeps asking to go bowling again. 


  1. JE is a natural at bowling! No wonder she loves it. Hopes SE is pacified by your explanation and won't hold a grudge against JE. Can you believe that I have not been to a bowling center so I have not tried any bowling before, hahahaha!

    1. Actually if the 'longkang's have not been covered, almost every single ball would have ended up rolling there only!

      Hmm most people would have tried bowling before? Hehe.

  2. Bowling is fun! I have tried a few times but seldom get strikes!

    1. Me, I'd just roll and hope for the best! No skills one hehe.