Monday, May 21, 2018

Durian anyone?

This one likes durian:

Mmm durian!

Come, come to me

The other one doesn't:

*Sits far far away

Get me out of here

Hehe.  Got SE a fresh coconut and she was happier.  SE totally doesn't like strong smells.


  1. I love durians! I love the smell too!

  2. Oh no! You are tempting me with durians! I guess SE didn't even try to eat durian before as the smell puts her off. How did you get JE to try in the first place? JE likes the smell and tried willingly on her own?

    1. Hehe. I like durian and have been buying those pre-packed ones from supermarts.

      The kids, they have been offered durian since young. Not that I make them to eat since there's nothing particularly nutritious about durian. SE definitely had some as a baby before she decided she didn't like it. JE who is our resident fussypot and doesn't like a lot of food, surprisingly likes durian.

    2. Durian is a super food. It is very nutritious. Overseas vegans would even buy imported expensive durians to feed their children and themselves to get nutrients because they don't eat meat, dairy, eggs.

    3. Never mind lah since we are not vegans.

    4. Good also lah that SE does not like to eat so that there is more for JE to eat. No need to fight over this food.