Monday, May 7, 2018

SE's birthday celebration

This year the girls are both lucky - JE's birthday was on the 'Ching Ming' day so no school.  SE's birthday will be on election day, no school for her either!

The bar has been set high for birthday celebrations.  And just like JE earlier, SE also gets an "activity" day and another celebration on her actual birthday. 

The plan was to visit the National Science Centre in the morning, then McDonald's for lunch.

We are all dressed up with someone to go!

Roll call before going in...

As usual, the science centre was lots of fun for the kids.  Even better when their cousins are around.  Although this grumpy-pot SE was almost in tears a few times when she couldn't get to play...

SE: (coming over to hug me) Mummy... my birthday is SO BAD.
SE: Everyone keep taking what I want

Well my dear girl, you have to learn to wait for your turn.

More fun when you have playmates

Tongues OUT!

Overall I'm sure she still had fun.  It was a super-hot day or we could have visited the (outdoor) water plaza.  Oh well, another time.


  1. What a good idea to have an activity day at the science center as part of SE birthday celebration. Fun yet educational! From the happy photos, can't believe that she was close to tears a few times.

    1. This one is a bit of a roller-coaster emotionally. She can be very happy, then very upset.

  2. Looks like its a new trend for children to celebrate their birthdays with an activity day. Kids wanna have fun and everyone will be happy!

    1. It's tiring for the adults! But I see there won't be many more years for them to enjoy these things. My nephew who is just 4 years older already sits back on some of these activities.

  3. hahaha ...a very fun place to visit. Yes, next time must go to the water park too. Fun

    And happy belated Birthday to the pretty one :) Hugs

    1. Heh she will be most happy to be the pretty one!