Monday, May 14, 2018

SE is 6!

We went to 1u after elections in the morning.  The day started off well enough. 

She wanted to wear the "koala shirt".  Aww.  Seriously, this is the ONLY matching clothing I have with the kids.  I bought mine in Oz while working there, and saw someone selling the small version some years later.  SE is already outgrowing hers so it's nice she wanted to match Mummy on her birthday.

Mummy koala and Baby koala

SE knew she wanted a Barbie doll and quickly made her choice.

I like THIS one

After some time she remembered JE had picked a bunch of presents. Her Barbie wasn't that expensive so I suggested getting something small in Smiggle.

Hmm then things started to unravel.  JE, despite having picked 3 presents earlier from ToysRus, hadn't been too happy with her choices.  So I told her she could pick something small from Smiggle too.  Unfortunately SE ended up picking ONE thing and JE picked TWO things.  At which SE was extremely upset... why should Jo Ern get TWO things when it's MY birthday?!!  And started screaming and throwing a tantrum.

So we went to Hamleys and she was interested in a few things... which I didn't let her buy.  Toys are  expensive and I didn't want her getting things likely to end up underused.  Hubby bought her something small.  Which she didn't like much, so...

Next was Home's Harmony and she picked a cat soft toy.  Phew, luckily that did it.  By that time we'd spent quite some time in the various shops and I was ready to leave.  Then at the last minute, remembered that we hadn't gotten a birthday cake.  Haha... it was way back to the other end of the big mall for it.

Blow my 6 candles

With my family!

Happy birthday to Su Ern!

Note to self:  Next time only the birthday girl gets to choose presents.  And only from ONE place.  Ok maximum of two places.


  1. Happy birthday again to SE! Wah papa and mama are so generous to both to let them choose so many presents. There are so many good bakeries in 1u. You got the cake from lavender or chateraise or sun moulin?

    1. We were not supposed to be that generous... got carried away wanting the birthday girl to be happy!

      Hmm I never took notice cakes of the Lavender and Sun Moulin. Chateraise I have never even bought anything before heh. Nah, just went to the bakery outside Aeon supermart.

  2. Happy birthday to SE! Both also want presents! Lol!