Friday, May 18, 2018

Mother's day at KLCC park

On Mother's day 2018, my mother is on a cruise in Spain.  And MIL passed on last year.  Which leaves ME as the next in line. Heheheh.  And what was my plan to celebrate?  Take the kids to KLCC park haha (somehow it always end up about THEM when I choose!).  We went two years ago so it's about time for a revisit.

Nice fountain but where's the playground?

The playground was as huge as I remembered it.  Playground set after playground set in a well-planned landscape with ramps and steps connecting each area.


Another one!

Let's try to climb this thing

And now we sliiiide!

That kind of scale is tough for photo-taking though, as each photo captures such a small part of the whole. 

The kids moved on to the water area after the playground.  They always love water!

Take a shower!



It started raining after a while, which was perfect timing since it was lunch time.  Cleaned up the kiddos and had lunch at Madam Kwan's.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

This photo is blurred... it's a Mother's day card from SE.  Who had to point out "Jojo didn't bother to make a card. She is so lazy".  Heheh.

"Love Mama" from SE

Asked the kids whether they enjoyed the playground and water park, and they said "A little bit".  Whaaatttt.  OK we aren't going back there anytime soon then!  Parking there is expensive, it's a bit far, and hubby always prefers air-conditioned places.


  1. Seeing the girls happy and enjoying themselves is the best Mother's gift! Happy mother's day!

  2. You always put SE and JE first! Hope you also enjoyed yourself taking photos of them at the playground. Looks like SE will be the one taking care of you when you are old, lolx!

    1. Heh yeah usually end up putting them first!

      Oh well too soon to tell whether any of the two will be taking care of me next time heh. I'd better slip in the expectation along the way that they're expected to! Heh heh.

    2. Yes better ingrain this filial piety act into them subconsciously from young.