Monday, August 10, 2015

"Busy backside!"

SE goes through phases where there's a certain phrase she likes to say.  Like once it was "I thought..." A few months back it was "Are you crazy?"

To her sister:  Are you crazy, Jo Jo?
To her toys:  Are you crazy, caterpillar? No?  OK!  Are you crazy, bear?  No?  OK!
To EVERYTHING:  Are you crazy, car? Are you crazy, egg?  Are you crazy, wall?

Luckily it only lasted a few weeks or we would really be driven crazy!

"Are you crazy" is now replaced by "Busy backside!"  This phrase appears ALL the time now, no particular trigger.  Followed by peals of laughter.

Oh well.  As long as she's happy.

Busy backside!


  1. So now everybody and everything has "busy backside"? She must have pick it up long as everyone is happy!

  2. How does she apply the busy backside phrase to everything?

  3. haha what does it mean??? :P Does she mean to say "itchy backside"??

  4. hahaha busy backside....hopefully not sitting on the potty whole day ya.

  5. Nancy, yeah apparently!

    Mun, no particular trigger that I can see. She will just suddenly say 'busy backside!' and start laughing.

    Ai, no idea what it means! It must be 'busy'... her speech is clear enough to differentiate.

    SK, haha no direct relation to the potty.