Monday, August 3, 2015

3 going on 13

SE is a 3yo going on 13.  At a recent lunch, I ordered a 100plus (drink) to be shared between the two of them.  The can went to JE first, who wasn't keen on giving it up.

JE:  I don't want to give Su Ern
Me:  No, must SHARE
JE:  *not happy, but passed it over to SE*

SE: *happy*  Thih ih mine, right?
Me:  No, must SHARE
SE:  I say thih ih mine, I didn't say thih ih ALL MINE.  (I said it's mine, I didn't say it's ALL mine)

Actually I'm surprised that at 3 yo, she can differentiate so clearly between 'mine' and 'all mine'!

Thih car not mine. But ih pink like my cloh. Now take photo
(This car is not mine. But it is pink like my clothes)

Another incident...
(struggling to put her giraffe backpack on)
SE:  Mummy, help me wear thih.
Me:  What's in the bag?
SE:  Everything I need. Now help me.

It's like a glimpse of SE as a touchy 13yo... hahaha.

I have places to go. Now help me


  1. She really is very good with words. Suitable to be a lawyer.

  2. Lol! Smart girl, SE. This is the best age, so cute!

  3. LOL....she is sure growing up fast :)

  4. It was very nice to read the conversation. Kids are very brilliant than us...

  5. Mun, loyar buruk more like!

    Nancy, she can be such a handful. Luckily she's cute.

    SK, ya lor. See her day by day no change. But look back at pics just a short while ago can see so much.

    Weekend, thanks for visiting!

  6. At least you know she is pretty strong-willed and won't get bullied :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Ai, hopefully she won't bully others!

  8. Your girl is so cute. She is definitely a lawyer in the making.