Thursday, August 27, 2015

Things SE says

How does the mind of a 3yo work?  I'm sure I don't know!  She says the most amusing things so matter-of factly.

Maid: (following up on a story) Last time, the stepmother was the fairest. Then Snow White become the fairest. But the stepmother killed Snow White. Now who is the fairest?
SE: Me!
Maid: Hah?? You're not even in the story!
SE: Never mind, kakak Gen, never mind.  *patting the kakak in a comforting way*

The fairest? That'd be me

In the car
When I are (am) big, I want to buy BEEEEG car. To put BEEEEG toy.
Then, I want to buy BEEEEG toy. To put in BEEEEG car

Oh well, guess it's her own money she's talking about.  But I hope by that time she will have better things to do with money!

I want... a big car

Another time, in the car
SE: *sing sing sing* to the radio
SE:  I the singer. Jo-jo ih the dancer. Coh, I sing veeery naih. (I sing very nicely)
JE:  You cannot be a singer. You not big girl, you small girl. You don't have long hair also.
SE: I not Rapunzel.

Aiyo.  That amused me quite a bit.

I will run along and amuse someone else now!


  1. Isn't she cute at this age? Whatever she says, everyone will be amused and laughed.

  2. She puts a smile on my face with the things she says!! :) have a fantastic weekend with your 2 girls!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. her this blog when she grows up

    A great weekend to you too

  4. SE is really a very smart girl. Can tell from the way she remembers the things she has seen and heard and uses them in her sentences the next time in all the right context.

  5. Nancy, she does get away with some nonsense just because she's cute at this age.

    Ai, thanks. :)

    SK, yeah I do intend to!

    Mun, this one is such a loyar buruk haha.