Monday, August 17, 2015

KLCC playground

Somebody (hello, Ai!) has been featuring playgrounds on her blog.  I have been reading in envy at the many creative playgrounds across the causeway - the ones here are nowhere near that standard.  Until we stumbled upon this huge one at KLCC last weekend.

This was in the park itself.

Hello there! (SE wasn't co-operating that day)

The playground is right beside the splash pool/waterfall - didn't take pictures of that since we weren't prepared for a wet time.  This playground is HUGE!  Imagine the standard playground 'sets', and imagine someone took, oh, a dozen of them (or two!) and put them together in one site.

Can walk on this thing...

Turn this thing...

Take a shower!

And slide... wheee!

The playground stretched as far as the eye can see!  It was on multiple levels, with slopes/steps leading to different sections, so I couldn't take a picture of the whole thing.

Oh wow.  But I don't plan to come back here soon.  We were there for lunch at Mandarin Oriental and parking for the first hour alone was RM9 (ouch).


  1. Oh yes! your girls would love this place very much. But the parking for the 1st hour is very high. What about the following hour? Possibly they are encouraging you to stay longer....

  2. Yes..been there once. Did the girls go for the swimming pool nearby ?

  3. Wahhhh so awesome!! Lil Pumpkin would not want to leave if we had something like that here haha. How about taking public transport there? Our CBD area's parking is a killer too.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Haven't visited the park for years. The equipment still looks ok. Thought it would be quite rundown as with many other parks.

  5. Too bad the parking is so expensive that you can't bring the children there often. They must be happy playing there.

  6. Nancy, subsequent hours are actually cheaper. :) RM5, I believe.

    SK, we were dressed for a swanky hotel!

    Ai, public transport would involve quite a bit of walking. Not conducive for short legs.

    Magictree haha yes maintenance is always an issue here.

    Mun, they didn't want to leave. Well the jam in this area would be another factor.