Thursday, August 20, 2015

Of baking

My sis has kids who eagerly snap up whatever she bakes.  I... don't.  Sigh.  If I bake something, chances are high that I will have to eat most of it.  Hubby doesn't like sweet things so he's out of the equation.  JE and SE might take a bite/a piece/a few pieces (depending on my luck!) and that'd be it.  I do ask my maid to try the freshly baked goodies, but she's generally too shy to take more than one piece and I don't want to keep asking in case she really doesn't like them!

Baked some doughnuts recently.  JE took one bite and went off.  Luckily SE was a better customer.

These aren't too bad, really


Out of 10 doughnuts:  JE had half, maid had one, SE had three (over 3 days).  That left 6.5 pieces that I had to finish - they weren't good enough to offer to other people.  And that is why I don't bake often!


  1. When my boys were small, I love to bake and cook because everything finish fast. But I do not bake now and only do simple cooking for hubby and myself.

  2. Can understand why you don't bake often unless you want to eat almost all of them. Good also SE and JE don't like to eat baked goods, they can eat healthy since baked goods mostly are filled with sugar so not that healthy.

  3. Nancy, at least they finished fast! Yeah I prefer cooking as food for lunch/dinner do get eaten up.

    Mun, I'd figured home-baked is healthier... no preservatives/colouring/ stabilisers and whatnot. But doesn't work if they don't eat!

    1. You mean they will eat baked goods that you buy from outside?

    2. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. But buy means if they don't eat, I have to finish the ONE piece. Make means I will have to finish the XXX pieces haha.

  4. Ya that's one of the reasons I don't bake often too (in addition to having no time).. hubby won't eat, Lil Pumpkin just takes a bit.. and I'm not supposed to have so much sweet treats too but I feel so wasteful to throw away!!