Wednesday, August 5, 2015

JE takes the camera

I let JE take the camera a while last week.  The girls like to look back at old photos and videos.  JE also likes taking shots of this and that.  I could hear her directing the little sister:

Stand beside the rabbit tent... do cute face.... good. *click*

Now sit... smile... *click*

Do angry face... good. *click*

Very very angry face... *click*

The camera also came back with these:


Mwak mwak

Hehehe.  Where did she learn that pout??  I have never shown her pictures of people doing this and I definitely don't do that myself!


  1. Hi Stacy, now you have found yourself an assistant photographer. Aren't both of them cute? Ha ha!!!

  2. yay you should do this more often!! We lent Lil Pumpkin one of our old mobiles to take photos.. she likes to make videos too haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. JE is so smart! She has potential to be a professional photographer.

  4. Nancy, I do have to delete LOTS of pics of various objects haha.

    Ai, JE is fine with the camera. But the small one fights to hold it and I'm afraid she'd drop it, or it'd fall during the fight (like what happened to the iPad!)

    Mun, haha she's just playing.

  5. hahaha must have learn from school la