Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Age of innocence

... at least I hope the following incidents were completely out of innocence! When we stopped at a traffic light recently, SE waved at the guy in the car next door.  Of course he waved back - most people do respond to young kids. Then JE waved at him too.  Following conversation ensued:

SE:  He like me!
JE:  No, he likes ME!
SE:  No! ME!

Oh dear.  I really, REALLY hope these two won't ever fight over a guy.

When we went for dinner last week, JE developed a liking for a young foreigner doing odd jobs around the shop.  She waved to him so he waved back. And so it went on throughout dinner - wave-wave, smile-smile, giggle and cover mouth, wriggle fingers at him round the side of her chair and over the top.  Bad enough to have this 5yo busy "flirting" away.  Near the end of dinner, I suddenly noticed SE had stood up on her baby chair. AND HAD DROPPED HER PANTS. Back side, front side was well and truly exposed. Gaaaahhhh. Didn't check if she was directing the flashing at that young foreigner or she was just being cheeky in general. Quickly pulled up her pants. And decided it was time to leave.

I so do NOT want them to grow up too fast. But check out the posing:

Pout, pose

Arggh where did she learn to do that? Much prefer cute and innocent:

Bleh! Hehehe

The small one got into the action as usual:

Oh I'm so pretty!

Take a picture of my leg posing!

Hahaha. Now I'm back on comfort ground.


  1. Ha ha ha...I think this is the process of their growing up. I can't help laughing out loud when I read about the "flirting" and the pants down episode! Well, I think they will grow out of it very soon..lol! Your girls are really cute!

  2. Ya sometimes I catch Lil Pumpkin in a bit-too-sexy pouts and poses.. it's cute but I don't want her to grow up soooo fast like that!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. sexy ladies :) they are still growing up.

  4. Did you ask her how come her pants are down? This is too funny!

  5. There are still many years to go before they can fight over a guy so you can relax now. Maybe the elastic band on her pants is loose so it dropped. Not her own doing.

  6. Nancy, I have never flashed anyone growing up! Hahaha.

    Ai, yeah I'm totally not comfortable with young kids getting 'sexy', especially if they're mine!

    SK, true mustn't think too much of it.

    Magictree, was focussed on hiding her privates plus getting out of there!

    Mun, the elastic band is perfectly fine, no excuse...