Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trip to Tanjung Sepat - Day 1

Nearly had to cancel this trip due to the haze. Luckily it cleared up in time! And Ah Kong who isn't feeling too well eventually decided to come. :)  Note to self: Next time must take a group photo.

First up was lunch at Sg Pelek. But the one dish I remember from our previous trip, the fish maw soup, turned out to be something you need to order in advance. Oh well, the dishes we had were pretty good. Err no, I couldn't find a single photo of food from this trip hehe.

Waiting to eat!

Mindful of the many kids on board, we then headed for our Ohana Greenstay bungalow to relax. Only 'resurfaced' after showers/naps/snacks . :)  Then we did the "touristy" round - bought pow (now at a cut-throat price of Rm2.80 each!), bought coffee, gawked at this uncle making 'wood biscuit' (called that as the biscuits become hard after a few days).

Got this punching guy behind our house!

Charcoal at the top, also at the bottom

Lovers' bridge was still closed. But we loved this shop nearby - they'd put props outside for people to take photos with. Had fun taking some:

Pots behind me


Tell me, what am I selling again?

Drink with uncle up there

It IS a proper shop, selling lots of interesting things.

So many sweets

Dinner was pretty good again. After that it was back to the bungalow at Bagan Lalang. The back garden is huge, has a BBQ pit and faces a lake. There are kayaks and bicycles provided but we didn't have the time.

Going to sleep soon...

Been a good day, one more coming!


  1. Hi Stacy, good thing the haze cleared in time for your holiday trip. The way the wood biscuits is made is very unique! Ha ha...the uncle very familiar...the drunkard kungfu master!

  2. What a nice family bungalow stay. I have not been to Tanjung Sepat at all!

  3. glad you didnt cancel the trip. Looks like so much un for the kids

  4. Nancy, yeah and they put a bowl there for people to mimic drinking with him!

    Mun, got food, go go. :)

    SK, true, quite a few things for kids to do. These days that factor is an important one.

  5. Been to bagan Lalang but not Tanjung Sepat. Must google up this place. I like going short distances. By the way, JE's dress is so sweet.