Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trip to Tanjung Sepat - Day 2

Woke up to a breakfast of steamed-up famous pow with coffee. Pow tasted good but I still can't get past the price haha. Then on to more fun activities! First up was the mini-zoo at Kuan Wellness. Err... somehow overshot the turning and found ourselves in Pantai Morib. Too bad the other car had already arrived at the correct destination so we couldn't stay. Had a slight problem getting the girls back into the car as they so wanted to play on the beach.

Wait firhh , I are drawing
(Wait first, I am drawing)

The mini-zoo experience was 'unexpected'. What I hoped for were a few rabbits to pet. What I got was a whole horde of rabbits running free round the place, with dirty and unkempt fur! They must have been hungry/bored as they chased us around. SE was terrified.

Helppp!! Help me, mummy!

Luckily there was a cage with 4 baby rabbits and the mother. Now at least these were clean and cute (and not scary).

Hi there cute baby rabbits!

Tried for Ah Hock bak kut teh but they were was sold out so we had another seafood lunch. Then a quick trip to the fishball factory (fried ones were good). Missed the turning to the longan farm so just did the dragon fruit one.

Now this here, peeps, is a young dragonfruit

Two days passed rather fast.  Kids were asking to go again so this was definitely a good trip!


  1. Stacy, I saw something black in the rabbit cage. Are they black baby rabbits?

  2. Nancy, yes black baby rabbits. Err now I'm trying to think what other objects/creatures they might be... :)

  3. hahaha memang a good trip. Heard can get this Pau in PJ but I dunno where

  4. SE must be really terrified of the ferocious free roaming rabbits to cling to you like that. No photos of those "wild" rabbits? So worth it to go on these trips with children when they love it and ask to go again.

  5. SK, my parents say there's one in Glenmarie. I have placed my order with them for the next time they go there.

    Mun, the rabbits were dirty, I was trying to avoid them as well! Don't want to look at them any more heh.

  6. I'd be freaked out if a whole horde of dirty rabbits came chasing after me too haha..

  7. Ai, what a nightmare right? Hahaha.