Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No point crying

My big girl... is not so big yet after all. She'd been requesting to go to the DVD shop for a while, and last weekend we agreed to make the trip.  Kiddo was so happy!  Reached the shop after half an hour only to find it closed.  Poor kiddo cried most of the way back.

I tried to reason with her that there's no point crying, it won't change anything, sometimes things don't work out etc.  That didn't help.




Another recent incident:  She couldn't find her doggy when it was time to leave my parents' place. That doggy travels daily there so she could nap with it, and travels back home for the night.  Quite a few times the small dog was nowhere to be seen when it was time to go.  My parents, my previous maids, hubby, myself, other adults who happen to be around - all have accumulated considerable time looking for this doggy!  Sometimes it will be found, sometimes not.  This time it stayed firmly hidden and I was treated to the very real grief of a 5yo the whole 40-min journey home.

"Waaaaahhhh Doggy Dog-ggeeeeee DOG-GGEEEEEE.......
I want my dog-geeee.
I want, *sob* I want my dog-gee
My doggy is so nice, *sob* the ears are so nice, *sob* I rub the ears when I sleep.... 

I was torn between feeling very sorry for her and being very amused at this outpouring of emotions over a small toy dog!

I have my doggy and all's right with the world

Guess she's just a little girl after all!


  1. Kids are kids after all. I think we all went through this too when we were young. Lol!

  2. aww luckily you found the doggy back!

  3. I guess crying is the way she expresses her sadness and disappointment at finding the shop closed and when the toy dog could not be found. I think when she is older tears will still swell up in her eyes when she is sad but no more boohoohoo crying like the way she is crying now. So that day, she did not bring the doggy to her grandparents' house?

  4. Nancy, ya lah. Eventually need to teach her not to cry over small things. But guess that can wait a while.

    Ai, that doggy has quite a few lives already!

    Mun, yeah kids don't hold back their emotions. That doggy was in a cabinet that time I think.