Monday, September 7, 2015

Stroller cycle

Arrgh won't she make up her mind??  We go through this cycle...

I don't want to be in this stroller!

It's cramping my style!

I want to WALK. Now.

Then, a very short while later...

Ooh I'm so tired having to walk

Pao-pao! (Meaning: Carry me!)

Eventually she gets put in the stroller again and the whole cycle repeats.


  1. The stroller does look a bit small for her. She is such a big girl now, must be heavy for you to bao bao her for long.

  2. Lol....time to walk. Maybe get her to pish the stroller

  3. Your depiction of your girls always bring smile to my face. So cute!

  4. Ha boys went through this cycle too. That is the time when they are getting too heavy to pao-pao!

  5. Mun, ya heavy, that's why she will eventually get put into the stroller if she doesn't wanna walk!

    SK, if she pushes, she can't quite see in front haha. Still short.

    Magictree, thanks. :)

    Nancy, the fav mode of travel remains pao-pao! Can't do that for long already.