Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tomato garden

Ta-dahhh... tomato garden grown from the seeds of just a couple of baby tomatoes.

Mummy says I can shoot these with my water gun

One baby tomato to eat!

The harvest is not bountiful.  But it's nice to see plants grow, then flowers appear, then baby fruit, then the fruit turning colour.


  1. wah...couples? That's quite many plants leh

  2. So nice to have your own vege patch at home!! Can't remember if I already asked, but what else are you growing?

  3. that's cool. having own grown vegetables! i always have that interest to plant my own vegetables, kinda cool.

  4. It is always fun to watch our plants grow and fruit and of course to harvest home grown fruits.

  5. SK, there're tons of seeds in each tomato!

    AI, no I don't generally feature what I try to plant, coz mostly they're NOT successful. The other big plant I have going now is green pepper. :)

    Irvine, I kill most of what I plant actually. :p This is a rare "success" story (inverted quotes coz harvest is not that much!)

    Nancy, yeah! I got this idea of planting baby toms from you actually!

  6. So many plants! You have green fingers! Organic tomatoes to eat for SE and JE. Healthy!