Monday, September 21, 2015

Not worth it

I saw some cute mooncake cookies and thought the girls would like them. Chose the cutest, a panda, first. Went through the rest and finally selected a butterfly as JE generally likes girly things. I was feeling good anticipating my happy girls.

Reached home and distributed the mooncakes.

JE? Loved the butterfly.

Mummy, you picked butterfly for me because you know I like?


SE: Got more butterfai?


SE: The butterfai ih a GIRL. Thih panda ih a BOYYY.


She dropped her panda to the floor. (WHAT!)
Then went bawling to Papa... "Mummy naughty! Mummy naughty!! WaaAAA!" (WHAAAAT!)

And steadfastly refused a SINGLE bite of that mooncake.

For all my effort, well-meaning intentions and not to mention money spent, I got:

1.  One angry small girl
2.  Panda thrown onto the floor
3.  Panda thrown at me (Ya that was naughty, but I was too amused to reprimand her. Also she was pretty upset)
4.  Complained about to hubby
5.  One panda mooncake to eat all by myself (OK this part wasn't too bad!)

I like thih one. Not the panda. Coh ih a BOYY
(I like this one, not the panda. Coz that's a BOY)

A deed totally NOT worth it.


  1. haha so cute. She is a fast thinker. Actually, I am out of touch...panda must be a boy?

  2. Seems like must buy the same things for both of them. In the end, did they share the butterfly mooncake?

  3. Magictree, my girls think 'girl' creatures will have eyelashes, ribbon, necklace, dress or something. Absence of these will mean the creature is a boy. :)

    Mun, ya lo. Previously I will always go for different things, now I'm also thinking same will be safer. Yes in the end I made JE pass some butterfly mooncake to SE. But she didn't want to eat the panda mooncake either!