Friday, September 18, 2015

Lego again

And my Lego hobby continues! (And grows... hehe)

The kids have an extended rabbit Duplo set.  They like to mess around with my stuff though.  I used to try blocking SE from my Lego but her little hands are so quick at grabbing that I gave up trying, What's not to like right, these bright hardy bricks that encourage creativity and fun?

Thih one Mummy Lego. But I can pray
(This one Mummy's Lego, but I can play)

They've spent hours on this particular one.  It's sitting permanently on the table and they fiddle with it all the time, mixing and matching minifigure parts and moving everything all around.

Don't di-turb, I building Lego

Of course, sharing my hobby with the kids has its surprises.  That yellow car, if you open the bonnet, you will see the engine... EH! How come got a pie and mug there??

Built-in picnic! Hehehe

No I don't know about the picnic. Nor the part that just fell off

Now that the inner child in me is awakened, coupled with the spending power of an adult... Mwahahaha.  Ok ok I AM trying to keep my Lego spend down. Going to limit to the things I really like.  And those that are selling for very good price hehehe.

My mummy bought all this Lego... *smacks head*


  1. did you complete the whole set for your Monsters minifig??! I'm still missing the Tiger Lady but too tired to go and search.. will wait until the hype dies down then go again haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, I bought the complete set haha. I didn't know people would sell by set (and priced at retail price!!) so the first weekend it came out, I was at TRU molesting bags. Ended up with 5 zombie pirates! Among other duplicates... buying the set is tons simpler and cheaper hehe.

  3. Wow, you are the one who has a nice Lego collection and now only ajak your girls to join you. You must go to Legoland if you have not already been there.

  4. Mun, just started only! That's my first complete minifigure set. And I'm planning to keep that away so they'll stay in mint condition... the girls can play with other things hehe.